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Can we use badge printing without storing data on boomset?

We need kiosk badge printing and event checkin functionality. Would you provide us, without saving data on boomset account?

Updating "QR Code" via API

I know that you guys can print badges, can we update the QR codes via your API so that we can use our own QR code and update them directly from registration.

Adding sessions via API

It looks like many pieces of event data can be created via your API. Is it possible to populate sessions via the API also?

Whu links are the same?

We have 2 different posts: sending ticket and sending registration confirmation. Why links are the same, but only with different params? Links: https://www.boomset.com/restapi/reservation/settings/:reservationID/send_ticket https://www.boomset.com/restapi/reservation/settings/:registration_id/send_ticket

Why is the Zapier logo on your website, but there is no integration?

I noticed a thread here on support asking about a Zapier integration, to which you said no - but, your website says you have by displaying the Zapier logo on the front page. Has something changed since June 16th? Is this something you are actively working on? Thank you.

From a Non Technical Person

Is is feasible for me to use the API to push event data to a Boomset account? Looking at the videos I can see, sites like Eventbrite and Meetup have a direct way to import from the boomset interface. Is it possible for me to accomplish the same action from my own interface by asking for credentials or? Thanks for your patience with my non-technical mind.

Does Boomset integrate with Zapier.com?

Before I go ahead and create an integration using your API, would like to know if an integration with Zapier exists.

How to get a token or u/p

How do I get a token or U/P for testing the API endpoints?

Add Attendee

I've tried to use the Add Attendee endpoint both in my own development and also with the API Explorer on your api docs page and both return a 404 response. I believe I'm including the required fields and authentication token correctly. The other requests return as expected. It's just the add attendee endpoint that isn't working for me. Any help would be appreciated!

Upload participants to an event

We noticed it is possible to update a participant using the API, but not that it is possible to create new participants using the API. Is it possible to upload / create new participants in boomset using the API or an interface which does not require the user to do this manually in the interactive website? Gr, Robert