Datetime fields are in GMT Timezone.

FieldField TypeRequiredField Description
nameStringYesName of session
startsDatetimeYesSession starts in GMT timezone. eg. 2019-05-03T15:00
endsDatetimeYesSession ends in GMT timezone. eg. 2019-05-08T15:00
tagsArray of stringNoTags to group your sessions together. (e.g. Hair Cutting)
access_controlBooleanNoAttendees need to register for this session in order to be checked-in
capacityIntegerNoCapacity of session. (Default number of capacity is 10000)
auto_registrationBooleanNoAttendees registered instantly at the door based on access control.
overbook_capacityIntegerNoExtra quantity for session over capacity. (Default number is 0)
track_idIntegerNoTrack to group your sessions together. (e.g. Morning Sessions)
hidden_sessionBooleanNoWhen enabled, this session will not appear on guest schedules, Kiosks or Smart Session Screens. (Default is false)
descriptionStringNoDescription of session. (Default is None)
locationIntegerNoLocation/Room of session. ID of location object. (Default is None)
import_idIntegerNoUser-settable id field. Secondary id for users to keep track of sessions. (Default is 0)