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Is is feasible for me to use the API to push event data to a Boomset account? Looking at the videos I can see, sites like Eventbrite and Meetup have a direct way to import from the boomset interface. Is it possible for me to accomplish the same action from my own interface by asking for credentials or? Thanks for your patience with my non-technical mind.
July 18, 2016

Hello Jeff,

Yes, it is possible to push event data into Boomset using the API. The API gives you very similar actions to our native integrations such as Eventbrite.

With the API, you can save:
-- New guests
-- Updates to a guest's custom questions, standard questions, and comments
-- Checkin and checkout data to the main event and sessions
-- Adding sessions to a guest’s schedule
-- Uploading a selfie for a guest
-- New events
-- New registration types
-- Updates to registration types

Relative to our other integrations, the API can't:
-- Add sessions
-- Add or edit custom questions
-- Add or edit affiliates
-- Updates events (such as time and name changes)

Sessions and custom questions can be added using the dashboard on Boomset, imported using a CSV, and imported from one of our integrations. They can be edited with the dashboard, or on the site you imported the event from from.

Events can be updated using the dashboard on Boomset.

Affiliates can be added and edited using the Boomset dashboard, or on Eventbrite.

I hope this answers your questions!

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